for today…

DSCF5677Outside my window… the streetlights aren’t working, so it’s properly dark. I can see our fairy lights reflected in the kitchen window.

I am thinking… about the garden. How much I’m enjoying my new raised beds. How I hope the broad beans and the new blackcurrant bush survive outside.

I am thankful… for some gorgeous sunshine this week, and having spent a lot of time outside in it.

In the kitchen… the food cupboards are stocked. A candle is burning. The remains of several of the weekend’s projects are waiting to be put away.

I am wearing… jeans and a flowery t shirt. This is the first weekend I’ve spent wearing only one layer, and it’s utterly delicious.

I am creating… a productive food garden (hopefully!). All the sewing and knitting I’ve done lately has concentrated on household repairs (curtains, cushions, clothes) or making useful things (a computer wrist support, a new tote bag, more dishcloths). I’m feeling quite domesticated at the minute.

I am going… to meet a friend in town tomorrow. We’re planning to walk along the canal. I’ve explained it’s more ‘industrial’ than ‘pretty’, but that didn’t put him off.

I am wondering… about focus. My mind wanders a lot between garden and tea and cake and flute things and work and running and walking and knitting and many other things. Sometimes I think I should fix on one thing, but then the others all nudge back in again. Mostly I just go with it.

I am reading…On Looking‘ by Alexandra Horowitz. It’s a library book, one I’d not heard of. It’s making me look more closely at what’s around me.

I am hoping… that I manage to pace myself through the next few days of travelling.

I am looking forward to… Meeting friends in London next weekend.

I am learning… (slowly) that household routines really do work. Who knew?

One of my favorite things… dozing in bed when it’s light outside. I used to hate this as a child, always feeling how unfair it was that I was in bed while other children were still playing outside. The injustice! Now I look back on that time and remember clean sheets, a tidy bedroom (really?), a pile of books, and the sounds of other people outside, and I find myself longing to be in bed during daylight hours. Today I sneaked up to bed at 2pm, and snoozed and read for three whole delicious hours, feeling extremely wicked and very satisfied at the same time.

How was your day? I’d love to hear about it! Join in at the Simple Woman’s Daybook.

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1 Response to for today…

  1. Jo says:

    What a lovely day! I raked autumn leaves in the other hemisphere, and am loving crisp mornings, and rugging up. It’s always exciting when the seasons change.

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