woodland frolics

DSCF6312DSCF6304DSCF6307We’ve been off frolicking in the woods, witnessing two lovely friends celebrate their marriage. DSCF6305The weather was good, the setting beautiful, and everyone was happy. The thing that impressed me most was the way everyone pulled together to make the day run smoothly. People manned barbeques, ran the bar, sang songs, cleaned up, mopped floors, put up and took down tents, made cakes and tea, and smelted iron (!), and there was a real sense of a community rallying around to make the day special.

DSCF6306DSCF6309I’ve spent time in this city woodland before, but being there for several hours surrounded by friends and celebration felt good.

I was reminded how much fun it was to make my own wooden chair (not this one!) and how I really should make another one day.

In the meantime, tired after yesterday’s excitement, I had a snooze in my new deckchair.

DSCF6319Life is good today.

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