Vicarious chickens


I love chickens. I find them very peaceful to watch. A little scratch of the ground here, investigating under a leaf there. They often seem so relaxed.

We once looked after Fay’s chickens for a couple of weeks. I remember being concerned at first that they might be bored if we left them alone for too long. Half an hour later I realised how ridiculous that was – with eleven chicken friends, free range over several fields, and a spectacular view of the sea, how could any chicken be bored?

Much as I’d love to have a few chickens now, our garden is too small and right on a road, and I wouldn’t want to pen them in that much. Instead I have to get my chicken pleasure vicariously.

Fortunately our local school has chickens. They’re in a large run, and you can just walk off the street and see them.

Which is exactly what we did last night. I was eating an apple core, and they very much enjoyed pecking at apart. They were lit up in the evening light and looked happy, hanging around in the long grass.

One day maybe we’ll move house and I’ll be able to have a small flock myself. Until then, I’ll enjoy other people’s chickens, and learn what I can so I’m ready if the time comes.


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