moving the furniture

IMG_0442Please excuse the slightly bizarre look of things around here today. I fancied a change, and you know how it goes sometimes – you take everything out, move everything around, then it doesn’t quite look right so you stop for a cup of tea and then can’t bring yourself to start all over again, so things stay as they are for a while.

And so, instead of an elephant in the room, we have a rather beautiful but oddly obscured and out of place peacock. Please just ignore him, he’ll be gone again soon.

Instead look at this cheerful chicken. Who may (or may not) be the size of a small house.

Normal service will resume shortly, I promise…

Some time later…

… Mr Peacock has gone, to be replaced with a deckchair (far more useful). Still not happy but it’ll do for now…

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2 Responses to moving the furniture

  1. Pat Machin says:

    Never mind the plan.


    R E L A X.

  2. Robyn says:

    Damn! I missed the peacock! 😉

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