august days (3)

Friday 16th

Woke to pouring rain, and remembered the leaking gutter. Spent an hour emptying the contents of the water butt onto the garden – the willow appreciated a drenching but the neighbours thought I was mad. Picked the last of the broad beans.

IMG_1530An hour later, glorious sunshine, and I spent the afternoon lying in the park, plotting and scheming with a friend, before visiting the temporary ‘seaside’ in our city centre.

IMG_1535IMG_1539Later I made a second attempt at soap, but couldn’t find the thermometer. Definitely not a soap success this time.

IMG_1544Saturday 17th

Cycled to a friend’s wedding in the peak district. I’ve not been on my bike for months, possibly an entire year, but 15 miles (even hilly ones) seemed doable. I should have allowed slightly more time… but fortunately the bride and groom were a little late so no harm done.

IMG_1561IMG_1563 IMG_1566Sunday 18th

Bribed Peter into giving me a lift home, and we stopped at a cafe for lunch on the way back. Had a much needed two hour nap in the afternoon. My willow hedge is rather overexuberant, so I spent a couple of hours weaving willow an arbour (kind of), and experimenting with basketry.

IMG_1593Picked some lavender to dry, although I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. This is the first year I’ve had enough to pick.

IMG_1586Monday 19th

A train trip through the peak district for work, and lunch with a friend. We’re looking after a friend’s dog for a few days, and he arrived today – a furry bundle of cheerfulness and mischief. Had a lovely evening walk around the fields.

Tuesday 20th

Up early to walk the dog before ambling to the station. Grey and cool, with occasional flashes of blue sky. Laughed at lot at coffee time at work. Sent an email about possibly starting a diploma in permaculture design – something I’ve been considering (and putting off) for years.

Wednesday 21st

Worked at home today, and had a lovely long lie in. Extremely noisy, with steamrollers still resurfacing the road, neighbours trimming hedges, and children playing in the street (and shouting at the tops of their voices). Meeting of our local Transition Towns group in the pub with three marvellous older women. Talked about growing food and making clothes and bees and Jarvis Cocker and keeping chickens.

Thursday 22nd

Worked at home again, and again my peaceful attic was awash with noise. Dog behaved abominably, and I spent much of the day removing wool, buttons, toilet roll, fabric, plastic and sticks from his jaws. Tried to rescue the failed soap from earlier in the week but became slightly alarmed by the strength of the fumes, so took the dog for a long walk in the evening twilight instead I think we both enjoyed idling around the fields, sniffing and staring.

So that was my third week of August! How was yours?

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2 Responses to august days (3)

  1. Nic says:

    Oh no, I want to start making my own beauty products but I’m nowhere near as patient or creative as you are! Third time lucky with the soap. Loving the August updates!

  2. Plenty of things are MUCH easier than soap! (And if you follow the instructions I’m sure it’d work perfectly…). I recommend starting with face scrub – not much you can do wrong with that!

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