august days (4)

I’ve enjoyed tracking my August days. It’s held them down, made them seem real. I can look back and remember what I’ve done.

But it’s made the month feel like it’s whizzed by so quickly! Here we are on the last day already. August seems so different at the beginning and the end.

Friday 23rd

Another day of chaos with our borrowed dog. We shut him in his own house for an hour while we went to the charity shops in peace. I had my last flute lesson this afternoon. I promised to keep in touch. I’m not sure what comes next. Also bought a mini greenhouse. It feels like the wrong time, but I read an article about winter growing and I’m determined to have some kind of harvest this year.

Saturday 24th

First day of my car maintenance course.

IMG_1607So empowering (and surprisingly fun) to take an engine apart. I suspect putting it back together again next week might be slightly less fun. Made me feel strong and willing to have a go at fixing other things.

Sunday 25th

My sister, her husband and my three small nephews came to visit for the day. More dog-related chaos ensued, and I spent lots of time untangling leads and removing small plastic items from mouths. One nephew, after a ‘long’ walk to the park, plonked himself in a deckchair and declared ‘the ONLY thing that will make me happy now is an ice lolly!’ I enjoyed the peace of the garden when they’d gone, and finished making my willow basket (more on this soon).

IMG_1637Monday 26th

Bank holiday! We went to Sheffield Fayre with some friends, and were surprisingly enthralled by the knights’ tournament.

IMG_1660IMG_1676I missed the judging of the horticultural show – how do they judge those things?

IMG_1756 IMG_1754 IMG_1750Blackberries and apples made me think of autumn.

Tuesday 27th

Amazed at how much the weather changes on a train journey to London. I left Sheffield in bright sunshine, then spent a long time in a soup of mist. Strange how it now seems normal to whizz to London just for an hour.

Wednesday 28th

Another work trip, but I squeezed in a quick cup of tea with my auntie and cousin. I love this time of year – my cousin is just starting college and I remember so fondly that sense of expectation, plans, not really knowing what will come next, new stationery, new faces, new work. Each September I gaze jealously at the new students and idly wonder what course I can start myself. On the train, I wrote a list of all the things I’m involved in to see if I could walk away from any to make room for something new. It seems not, but I’ll try to find room for something new anyway.

Thursday 29th

Third day in a row on a long train journey, and I’m tired. Difficult to resist cake on a day like this. At work we met with another department, and each spoke about our dream projects. A few surprises, and some new people to get in touch with. I like shaking things up, thinking about things in a different way. In the evening, a barbeque, and in traditional fashion most food was cooked on the stove in the kitchen.

Friday 30th

Tea with a friend from Belgium in the morning, and then a walk into town. Paid my £2 coin stash into the credit union – I’ve still not decided what I’m saving for. An evening sewing with another friend. One day I might catch up with my backlog of presents.

Saturday 31st

Last day of August today! It’s been the second and final day of my car maintenance course, and I’ve taken off and put back on two of my wheels. Nobody was able to reattach my spare tyre though… Finally got round to planting some seeds in the new greenhouse. I don’t care if it’s too late – my fingers are crossed anyway…

So that’s it! Shall I carry on? I’ve found myself writing these posts rather than others, so perhaps not, or maybe I’ll do highlights from different days each week. How has your August been? Done anything unusual, or has it been a round of beautifully ordinary summer days?

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