lunchtime gardening


I popped out briefly at lunchtime to check on the mini greenhouse. Shamefully, I haven’t been in the garden for a week, what with work, running, and musical things.

Fortunately there was no more evidence of slug feasting, and everything is still growing, albeit slowly.

In other exciting news, the garlic has sprouted!


I bought this from the garden centre months ago, and quite a lot had gone hollow and papery. The rest, though, is growing nicely so far. I’ll have to plant some more – six bulbs of garlic isn’t going to see us through next winter.

Before I came back in, I cast my eye around the rest of the garden. The water butt, which now collects water from a small sheltered bit of roof, has filled nicely after this week’s rain. The kale, which was looking slug-eaten before I moved it, now looks even more sorry for itself, and might not survive at all.

And what’s this, brazenly munching in broad daylight?


I don’t think so, Mr Snail! Off to the compost bin with you…

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