cycling (or not)

Bakewell sunshineMy mum came to visit last weekend. She’s just acquired a little folding bike like mine, and we planned a folding bike convoy along an old railway line out in the peak district.

Saturday morning brought sunshine, cold but bright, and perfect cycling weather. We loaded the bikes into the car and drove to Bakewell.

By the time we got there it was dinner time, and we were rather peckish. You can’t cycle on an empty stomach of course, so we popped into a cafe. Baked potato, tea, bacon butties and hot chocolate were consumed with great enjoyment, and it was so cosy we sat there for a while, watching the sky darkening outside.

We stepped into the cafe in sunshine, and stepped out of the cafe into hailstones.

Not much fun cycling in that weather. We came home and spent the evening sewing in front of the tv.

I can see quite a bit of that happening in the coming weeks…

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