getting cosy

cosyI’ve started a new project at work, and in the last couple of weeks I’ve done quite a bit of travelling. I don’t mind – the project is interesting, and I love any excuse to go on a train. But by the time I get home I’m often tired and cold, and ready to do not-very-much-at-all.

Fortunately, at the minute my evenings are often relatively free. There’s a sprinkling of meetings and social gatherings, of course, and plenty of things that could be done if only I could summon the enthusiasm.

But I’m finding myself with at least one evening a week completely free, all by myself. What to do?

Delve into the frozen Curly Wurly stash, that’s what, and surround myself with seed catalogues.

planning the gardenNext year’s garden is shaping up nicely. I have ambitions for our little plot, and this year the local population will not stand in my way.

Nothing like a cold autumnal night to make you think of spring and sunshine and gardening…

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2 Responses to getting cosy

  1. Hazel says:

    That sounds very enticing! I think I’m far too enticed with the idea of a frozen curly wurly stash though 🙂

  2. I had forgotten how lovely it is here. Your blog is a cosy place to be. I too am impressed by the frozen curly wurly stash. Amazing!

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