a trip to the seaside

Seagull sunsetThe weekend before Christmas we went to the seaside (because, you know, there isn’t enough to do in the week before Christmas…).

We take it in turns to organise weekends away. One of us decides where we’re going, and the other one isn’t allowed to quibble at all. Not that I would have quibbled, of course, because look where we went:

enormous hotelThis is the Grand Hotel in Scarborough. It was built in 1863, and sits high on the Scarborough cliffs overlooking the beach. These days it caters mostly for coach trips and has a rather faded feel to it, but it’s still grander than anywhere we’ve ever stayed.

Our new houseWe had a room right at the top – technically a sea view, although we had to stand on tiptoes to see out properly. Still, the view that we could see was stunning.

sunriseIn the evening, we went to the little cinema, again faded but beautifully grand. In the intermission, a bored-looking teenage boy sold ice cream from a tray at the front.

cinemaI could have sat in the breakfast room all morning (and would have done if the tea hadn’t been so vile – I don’t mind budget food, but need proper tea!) The sun was rising over the harbour and the sea glistened.

me over breakfast 3HarbourI love a slightly tired seaside town. I love bucket-and-spade shops, cheap cafes and amusement arcades. I love giant fibreglass ice creams and ancient window displays, saucy postcards and doughnut machines.

pure rock made heretreacle spongebenchBeing out of season, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.

Peter at the seasideI’m sometimes tempted not to bother going away for just one night. All that fuss and driving, and you’re home again in 24 hours! But actually, whenever I do it I feel like I’ve been away for a week, and the memory of a cheery trip keeps me going for a long time.

Definitely more nights away in 2014 I think…

gazing up

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1 Response to a trip to the seaside

  1. Nic says:

    It looks beautiful. I love sunshine dancing on the sea. Next time, take a big flask of your own tea just in case 😉

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