late afternoon light

Well, there was me saying I didn’t know what to write, and here I am with three posts in two days! Ridiculous woman.

run 6Today has been gloriously sunshiney, and, in contrast to yesterday’s in-the-kitchen day, I’ve spent a lot of time outside. A couple of hours at the community garden this morning, nattering and digging and pruning, and then (after a small, well-earned nap) a gentle run around the park.

run 1 run 2The late afternoon light was beautiful, and I was so glad that I’d taken my camera. I’m doing that less and less these days, as I get faster and try to ‘train’ rather than just ‘plod’, but I think it’s good for the legs and the soul to just amble sometimes, so that’s what I did.

run 3 run 5(Also, I ran 9.5 miles on Friday and haven’t quite recovered yet!)

It wasn’t that warm, but it felt good to have the sun on my face, and made me feel that spring isn’t really that far away…

run 4

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4 Responses to late afternoon light

  1. I would love to be able to run as you do. Unfortunately I don’t think that will happen but am inspired to go for a long walk. I will start three days a week.

    Kind wishes

  2. Lovely photos. There is something about winter light that can be very special.

  3. Reblogged this on winter mood project and commented:
    Some more winter loveliness here

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