motorway for bicycles

Monsal TrailAbout time for a spring cycling adventure, don’t you think?

BicyclesOn Good Friday the sun shone. We buttled ourselves out to the peak district for a bike ride on the Monsal Trail, an old railway line which is now a cycling and walking route. Of course, the peak district is one of the most visited national parks in the country, and being both sunny and a bank holiday, about five million people had the same idea as us.  At times it was a little like a motorway for bicycles, and while cycling along in a big line wasn’t exactly a wildnerness experience, it was Very Cheerful Indeed to see so many bicycles, and so many people with smiles on their faces.

CuttingThe trail dips in and out of tunnels and cuttings, which makes for quite a dramatic ride at times (look how tiny those people are!).

At one point we could hear a brass band drifting through the hills.

Spot the brass band!Can you see them?

There's the brass band!Look closer! Up on the top of that rocky outcrop, instruments glinting in the sunshine.

This being the peak district, tea was never too far away.

Good to know Can’t have a bike ride without tea.

TeaI’d forgotten just how much I love riding my bike, especially on a flat, off road trail in the sunshine. At least that’s something good that’s come out of all this triathlon training!

Perhaps I’ll get up a bit earlier next time and beat the crowds…

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1 Response to motorway for bicycles

  1. cherisong says:

    Having just spent a couple of days in the Peak District I am quite envious of how close you are. The bike ride looks good and how lovely to pedal along to a brass band.

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