technological dependence

I’m taking today off, instead of my usual Friday. My mum once said that if she only worked four days a week, she’d always take Wednesdays off, because then she’d never have to work more than two days in a row. I favour Fridays, because I get a three day weekend, but today I think she might be on to something.

Right now my days off are filled with running. Today I’ve planned 13 miles – which, now I’ve done 15 miles, and 18 miles, doesn’t really seem that far.

I prepared last night, knowing that early starts and no preparation mean a high chance of wimping out of a run… I planned my route an laid out my kit (fruit pastilles, new bum bag, camera). I noticed my fancy GPS watch only had 30% battery left, so I plugged it in, set the alarm for stupid-o-clock, then went to bed.

Sadly, when I got up this morning, the battery in my watch was standing at 0%. Aarrgghh!

When did I get so dependent on technology for running? I’m sure I used to just run. Then I bought a stop watch so I could time myself, and later a heart rate monitor. My current gadget has a heart rate monitor (which I rarely use), and also GPS tracking, so I can see how far I’ve run and how fast I’m going. When I get home I can plug it into the computer and see a map, gradient, and a breakdown of pace (and heart rate, if I’ve used it) mile by mile.

I like all these numbers, as I wrote here, but it seems faintly ridiculous that I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the watch to charge before I go out. I’m meeting a friend at lunchtime so the more time I sit here, the faster I’ll have to run to fit 13 miles into the time I’ve got.

Battery at 25% and counting….


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1 Response to technological dependence

  1. Angel Jem says:

    Oh, the domination of modern technology!
    But if you like to run you like to know how far and fast, so I can understand why you’d wait. Hope you made it for your run in time?

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