the internet – in your hands

I’ve got something exciting to show you… IMG_1357 (1024x768)Yep, that’s right, the second installment of my blog book has arrived! (Actually, it arrived in November, but I gave it to my mum without taking photographs so I had to wait until I’d visited, and then I took the pictures and promptly forgot all about them).

You can see the first version here. This one is much nicer, and was also much easier to produce. IMG_1359 (1024x768)Want to take a peek inside?

IMG_1365 (1024x768)You can read here about how I made the first one – it took a long time and was a right old faff. However, since I did the last one I’ve replaced my ancient Mac laptop with a rather more straightforward pc, and I was able to successfully download the Blurb software.

Blurb was pretty easy to use, even for me. It magically slurps your entire blog into itself, and then you set about the simple task of deciding what should go on each page. As before, I wanted to start each blog post on a new page, which was fine. However, the software has a set number of page templates – you can change them but I didn’t find it that easy. I battled for a little while to get the pictures lined up with the text, but eventually admitted defeat and settled on having the pictures on the same page as the text for each blog post.

IMG_1362 (1024x768)It does mean that on some pages the pictures are very small (especially for blog posts with a lot of writing and pictures), and it’s not always obvious which picture I’m talking about when you read the text.

I also realised (too late) that some of the pictures had been slightly cropped to fit in the template. I don’t have many photographs of people on my blog, but I did end up with one or two sliced heads.

Altogether though I’m ever so pleased with it. The process was a LOT easier than previously – the whole blog year took me less than a week to produce (the previous book took months of messing about). I don’t have the same problem with the font as I had last time, and somehow it looks a lot more professional when compared with the last one.

IMG_1364 (1024x768)This book cost almost twice as much as the last, but I think it was worth it since it was so easy to make.

My old blog, Daffy’s Garden, ends in September 2011, which means creating one more book for the last nine months. I’ll use the Blurb software again since it was so easy.

My dilemma is what to do after that? I switched from Blogger to WordPress – and WordPress doesn’t integrate with Blurb so it looks like I’m back to experimenting again for printing this cheerful living adventure.

Have you printed a book from your blog? How did you do it? Were you pleased with it?

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  1. Very interesting – I look forward to hearing what you come up with for your WordPress blog. The new book looks great

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