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beans galore

There’s a lot of beany goodness going on round here at the minute, partly because I’m in the middle of this whole foods course, which involves a fair bit of bean enthusiasm, and partly because, well, beans are just great, … Continue reading

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conscious living in february

Fancy an amble through my first month of my┬áconscious living quest? This month, unintentionally, my focus has mostly been on food. It’s partly because I signed up to an online course about whole foods, so I’ve naturally been thinking more … Continue reading


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a moment of calm in the morning

Have you ever made your own face scrub? It’s very easy, smells gorgeous, and is simple to use (even for someone like me, whose normal ‘beauty regime’, if you could call it that, involves a quick rub with a hot … Continue reading

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home-buttled pizza

Well, can I first of all say a big cheerful hooray! for the flurry of excitement and cheery thoughtfulness generated after my last post. It’s always a bit scary saying writing a bit of a ‘this is what I think’ … Continue reading

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disaster averted

Would you just look at this cheerful little owl I made while I was sitting here all poorly. Isn’t he adorable? He’s from a book of miniature Christmas knits, which I have temporarily misplaced, so I can’t tell you what … Continue reading

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