harvesting lunch

The sniffles are nearly all gone, I don’t look quite as much like Rudolf as I did, and I even managed to sound like a pretty normal person on the phone at work today! Which must mean it’s about time to pop back in here and tell you about a little cheery adventure I had not far from home at the weekend.

We’ve got a jolly little community garden just round the corner, tucked away behind a council building, surrounded by houses. It was always a garden, but unused for a very long time. There’s a polytunnel though, and a ramshackle shed, and a water tap (and a fig tree, of all things!)

A while ago our local transitions group took it on as a project. I was a bit more involved in those days, although being near the end of the phd meant I was pretty unreliable and in reality probably not much use at all. (I did wield a spade on occasion though). I’ve got a bit more time on my hands again now, and one of the things I intend to do with it is get back into a few more community things. It’s not all tea and cake round here you know!

At the beginning was a small grant from the council which paid for a few tools, and (I think) a new shed door. People donated bits and pieces, brought seeds from their stash to grow in the polytunnel. There were a few open days, and people took it in turns to pop round and water the plants. Nothing flashy, nothing spectacular, but slowly this little garden took root.

On Sunday there was a harvest lunch. I must confess my participation in this lunch consisted entirely of eating it… and I’m therefore very glad some other people managed to do more than that – growing and harvesting all kinds of fruit and veg, and creating a marvellous feast of salad, tart, soup, and crumble for all of us.


working together to grow your own food

seeking out unused spaces and turning them into productive and cheerful spaces instead

sharing lunch on a chilly early autumn afternoon

does it get better than this, really?

I love it round here.

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2 Responses to harvesting lunch

  1. Robyn says:

    Hurrah – glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Fay says:

    That and how utterly fabulous all that community supper!

    The jam label is fantastic,

    I’m glad you love it round there. Sitting in severe gales, battering the windows, I wish I lived where you do.


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