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run on by

Last Thursday I ran 20 miles. Out of the house, down the road, and along the valley. A dual carriageway, into town, and then the canal. Not quite as pretty as the wooded valley, but not without charm (and, most … Continue reading

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Looking at my posts for the last few weeks you’d think I did nothing but run and go on holiday. Not true, of course, although I have done quite a bit of both of those things lately. The marathon is … Continue reading

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no money for ice cream

Here I am again, waiting for my gps watch to charge before a long run. Yet again, I plugged it in overnight, and yet again it discharged all its power. You’d think I’d learn. I should probably go back to … Continue reading

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There was a definite nip in the air as I ran this morning. Fallen leaves littered the damp grass and I wished I’d worn a long sleeved shirt. I planned a flat(ish) run down a main road – a fairly … Continue reading

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technological dependence

I’m taking today off, instead of my usual Friday. My mum once said that if she only worked four days a week, she’d always take Wednesdays off, because then she’d never have to work more than two days in a … Continue reading

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Our holiday wasn’t only about eating cake and watching the clouds. We did squeeze in a couple of excursions, to Acton Scott historic working farm, to Blists Hill Victorian Town, and to Fordall Farm, all of which I’ve wanted to … Continue reading

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