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Dear Mr Snail…

I know you’re almost cute… … but this is really not an acceptable way to treat a tray of turnip seedlings… Just sayin’…

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the last few days

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind, which, now I look back, appears to have involved rather a lot of food. There also seems to have been quite a lot of sunshine – odd really, since … Continue reading

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conscious living in june

Oops, I seem to have entirely missed my conscious living post in May. Well, May was rather hectic, so I’ll skip over that and get straight into June. So far on this conscious living adventure, I’ve talked about food, how … Continue reading

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typing and nonsense

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pleasing myself

The weeks are just whizzing by here. I can’t believe it’s the middle of June already, and I’ve missed both my conscious living post and garden update for May, and here I am in danger of missing them for June … Continue reading

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streets in the sky

Last weekend I took myself off on a little mini adventure. Park Hill is a 1960s council estate looming over Sheffield train station. It was built to replace slum housing, and at the time I believe was pretty popular with … Continue reading

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for today…

Outside my window… it’s nearly dark. There’s a bit of rain, a bit of wind, but otherwise it’s quiet. Finally. I am thinking…¬†about marathon training, aching legs, how much chocolate I’ve eaten today, and how much crawling into bed right … Continue reading

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was it really this sunny?

I’m curled up under a blanket, central heating on, wind and rain howling outside, and wondering whether these photographs really are from last weekend… They are indeed, although it seems pretty hard to believe right now! We spent the afternoon … Continue reading

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