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making flannels

I needed a quick and cheerful sewing project today. Something small enough to squeeze in between (long) bouts of work, and cheerful enough that I could feel like I’d achieved something at the end. And, of course, simple enough that … Continue reading

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let’s talk about woodlice

Do you know, when I leave the house at 6.30 in the morning (in the morning!) to walk 2 miles to the station to spend an hour on a train to catch a bus at the other end to get … Continue reading

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sunsets, tea, and woodlice

I’m sure you can understand the slightly blurriness of this photo. There I was, dashing off the bus from work, on the way to somewhere else, with barely a second to spare, and look! Just look! I did contemplate ignoring … Continue reading

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harvesting lunch

The sniffles are nearly all gone, I don’t look quite as much like Rudolf as I did, and I even managed to sound like a pretty normal person on the phone at work today! Which must mean it’s about time … Continue reading

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sniffle snuffle

It’s all hankies and tea round here today, with the occasional theatrical sigh thrown in. Yep, I’m full of cold, and have been busy feeling mightily sorry for myself with it. Fortunately for everyone, I can’t feel sorry for myself … Continue reading


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learning stuff

I like learning, and those of you who’ve ambled over from my old internet home may remember that I once did a phd, and am now officially allowed to write ‘Dr’ in front of my name (although the only places … Continue reading

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working at home

I love my job, I really do. One of the things that I love most is that I get to work at home several days a week, hiding away up in my cosy little attic, surrounded by bunting and cheery … Continue reading

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some things i did and didn’t do today

I didn’t go to spin class I did spend quite a long time lazing around in my new chair under the kitchen window, watching the sky I didn’t go to the apple day I’d planned to go to I did … Continue reading

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sunday morning

This morning’s third attempt at breakfast turned out just right. Who needs weetabix anyway when you’ve got homemade rhubarb jam?

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at last! some sewing!

I love sewing, but I haven’t done any for a while. Not for any good reason really, work getting in the way, sewing machine inexplicably won’t go backwards, ran out of thread on the bobbin, those kind of non-excuses. But … Continue reading

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