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I confess I’m still not quite happy with the way things look around here, even after all my redecorating. However, I am bored of tinkering for the time being and have decided ‘good enough is good enough’ for now. I … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! As predicted, it was a lovely quiet day here. We opened gifts, spoke to family, and pottered around slowly making dinner, then pulled on our boots for a late afternoon stomp around the woods (with a quick visit … Continue reading

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nearly there…

Things have started getting a little festive around here. I love it. My presents are nearly bought, our tree is up, and I’ve been out every weekend with the flute choir playing carols at local Christmas fairs. I’ve eaten quite … Continue reading

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disappearing act

Oops. After all my ramblings you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d run off to actually be someone else. I just don’t know where the last three weeks have gone! I usually find a hint while looking through my photographs. Hmm, … Continue reading

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picture amnesty

Every now and again I find myself with a whole pile of photographs that I’ve meant to post and not got round to. Rather than chasing my tail and trying to find time to tell you all about them, I’m … Continue reading

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permaculture 5 – use and value renewable resources

At the beginning of last year I started writing about each of the permaculture principles in turn. A lot of what’s written about the principles is about land use, since that’s where permaculture has its origins. I’ve been trying to … Continue reading

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paying attention

At times in my life I’ve been a bit of a drifter. It’s no bad thing. It’s good to let life carry you along, see where it takes you, not worrying to much about things that ‘need doing’. Sometimes though … Continue reading

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