cafe love

Nicolls BuildingIf you’ve been popping in here a while, you’ll know of my fondness for cafes.

Stripey cakeI’m not even sure I could pick a favourite any more, although I lean towards cheap and cheerful, with tea in mugs and plenty of egg butties. But I also love flowery china and teapots, home made cakes, table cloths, books, window seats and plants.

Strip the willowI love to sit in cafes on my own and work, or read, or just stare out of the window. And I love to sit for an hour or two with a friend, drinking tea and putting the world to rights.

Strip the willow 2There’s something calming about being in a cafe, don’t you think?

Looking back at the photographs I’ve taken in the last couple of weeks, they mostly seem to involve cafes.

Beetroot Soup at Strip the WillowOld favourites and new finds, I’m always pleased with a day that involves a cafe.

Of course, not every day can involve a cafe, and sometimes we like to recreate the cafe experience in our very own ‘Cafe at Home’.

Pancakes and marmaladeWe make a nice cup of tea, and some kind of treat or tasty lunch, and pretend we’re in a cafe, and work out how much money we’ve saved by being at home.

Daffs in the kitchenIt’s not quite the same as being in a real cafe, but it does make me stop and appreciate the cheerful things about our home, rather than only noticing the things-to-be-done.

Hyacinths in the atticDo you have a favourite cafe? What’s it like? Do you ever have Cafe at Home?

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3 Responses to cafe love

  1. Mum says:

    I love the look of that chocolate cake. Maybe we could visit that cafe when I next come to yours 🙂 x

  2. I love cafés too!! But it’s not going to be quite as easy to pop along to one now and like you, I’m all for watching the pennies! Luckily we are not averse to making our own treats at home and whipping up a lovely cup of earl grey or hot chocolate!

  3. cherisong says:

    I love cafés too. Like you I look for a cheap and cheerful. I always think that where you find older folk is always a good bet for value and taste. For a real treat I love china cups and teapots.

    I often have a cafe at home using my coffee machine, earl grey tea and favourite tea set. I often make treats from the Hairy bikers European book too.

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