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merry christmas!

I do hope you’ve had a jolly round of festivities so far. Things have been pretty peaceful here – a little socialising, a fair bit of eating, some baking, wrapping, and generally loafing around, playing with presents. Just look at … Continue reading

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are you ready yet?

So, are you ready for Christmas yet? I *finally* finished work at 3.30 this afternoon, and I must say I’m feeling Very Festive Indeed. It’s felt like a bit of a rush, as usual, but actually this year I’ve been … Continue reading

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tiny little bees

I was off sick a couple of weeks ago, and after a day spent lying on the sofa doing nothing at all, I felt a little better, but not quite well enough to go to work. A little bit of … Continue reading

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starting to feel a bit festive

The festivities are starting a little late around here this year. Our tree isn’t even up yet, I just don’t know what I’ve been doing. Must sort that one out this week I did toddle off to a local Christmas … Continue reading

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a bit of a soggy ramble

Today’s been one of those sunny-showery days, gloriously bright one minute, squally rain and wind the next, so you never quite know whether to run outside or hide inside with hot chocolate. I compromised by doing both. This morning I … Continue reading

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rescue mission

I picked up some basil and coriander at the supermarket on Saturday. You probably know the sort. Hundreds of tiny little plants crammed into a pot, wrapped in cellophane to make them stand upright, then sold as ‘grow your own … Continue reading

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