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the internet – in your hands

I’ve got something exciting to show you… Yep, that’s right, the second installment of my blog book has arrived! (Actually, it arrived in November, but I gave it to my mum without taking photographs so I had to wait until … Continue reading

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waste not, want not

Oh dear. This poor little dotty bag has been looking a little worse for wear for a while now. I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement, but nothing quite fit the bill. A couple of weeks ago we took … Continue reading

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who loves ya, baby?

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know I’m given to starting ludicrously ambitious craft projects with very short deadlines, and therefore presents from me are very likely to be late. This time it was a house warming present … Continue reading

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carrier bag plant pots

Goodness me, what a lot of lovely new visitors! Welcome to all who’ve popped over from Jen’s fabulous My Make and Mend Year blog – and thank you to Jen for nominating me for her creativity blog hop. I must … Continue reading

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elderflower cordial

Every year I miss elderflower time. I keep reading Fay’s post about making cordial, and when we visited last year we got to taste some of hers and it really was just marvellous, yet each year I forget until it’s … Continue reading

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saturday afternoon

Thank you SO much, those of you who have commented on my last post already! As soon as I’ve written this I shall be popping to see what you’ve been up to. What a cheerful, sociable evening it will be! … Continue reading

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showing off

I only made one Christmas present this year – a shiny medal holder for my sister. She has quite an obsession with them, and spent most of the 7 hours of our marathon last year muttering ‘must finish, shiny medal’ … Continue reading

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One of my goals for this year is to take more responsibility for creating my own food. Mostly this means growing fruit and vegetables in the garden, but I also want to perfect my bread-making technique, and experiment with making … Continue reading

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2013 – a year of buttling

Back in January I declared 2013 would be a year of buttling. At the start of the year I reduced my working hours down to four days a week, and will never go back to full time. There are just … Continue reading

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tiny little bees (2)

I’ve been making bees again. I’ve made bees before (and it seems I called that post ‘tiny little bees’ as well…). They’re quick and easy to make, and just so very cheerful that I can’t help myself. These are being … Continue reading


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