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woodland frolics

We’ve been off frolicking in the woods, witnessing two lovely friends celebrate their marriage. The weather was good, the setting beautiful, and everyone was happy. The thing that impressed me most was the way everyone pulled together to make the … Continue reading

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You might wonder where I’ve been of late. Nowhere in particular, just dashing from one place to another – enjoying myself, but never really feeling like I’ve got anything much to say here. I’m also going through a phase of … Continue reading

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sunday afternoon gardening

It’s about time for a garden update, don’t you think? It seems the last time I showed you recent garden photographs was the end of April – I didn’t realise it had been so long! You may remember that I … Continue reading

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Can you tell what it is yet? Well, perhaps it will help if I step away a little… Ah yes, it’s well dressing season again. Do you know about well dressing? Have a read here and here, and a look … Continue reading

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permaculture 3 – obtain a yield

It’s about time for another permaculture principles post, don’t you think? If you want to catch up, here are links to the first two posts: 1. observe and interact 2. catch and store energy Today I want to talk about … Continue reading

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