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more running, and getting a bit emotional

I promise I’ll write about something other than running again soon, I really will. It’s just that it’s been occupying my thoughts (and my legs) lately, and it turns out I have quite a bit to say about it. I … Continue reading

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woodland running

This morning’s run was shrouded in mist. I ran uphill along the road, then across the golf course, following the footprints in the damp grass because I couldn’t see the stile through the grey. The woods were muddy, and there … Continue reading

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lunchtime gardening

I popped out briefly at lunchtime to check on the mini greenhouse. Shamefully, I haven’t been in the garden for a week, what with work, running, and musical things. Fortunately there was no more evidence of slug feasting, and everything … Continue reading

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sheffield 10k

We walked to the start of the race this morning. It was cold and damp, and when we got there the ground was muddy. Pinning race numbers on to t-shirts seemed complicated today – next time we’ll add a practice … Continue reading

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about me and running

Recently, I declared my intention to spend more time gardening, and to become a grower of food, rather than a planter-of-vegetable-seeds-that-occasionally-don’t-die. I often feel compelled to shake my life up a bit in the autumn. It feels like a good … Continue reading

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pesky slugs

Well after all my good intentions yesterday, just look at what the pesky slugs have done to my mizuna seedlings! Carefully nurtured and kept alive since 31st August (a long time for me), lovingly repotted to give more room for … Continue reading

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endings and transitions

Increasingly my thoughts turn to gardening, which is strange at this time of year because the nights are drawing in and this is when gardening activity slows down. I wonder, not for the first time, if my interest rises in … Continue reading

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sunshine in the garden

These last couple of weekends have been filled with late September sunshine. Outside has been the only place to be. I started in my own garden, lazing around and drinking tea. On Sunday I went to Allotment Soup, an art-and-allotment-and-soup … Continue reading

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