woodland running


This morning’s run was shrouded in mist. I ran uphill along the road, then across the golf course, following the footprints in the damp grass because I couldn’t see the stile through the grey.

The woods were muddy, and there was more uphill than I remembered. I held onto branches as I slid, not wanting to land on my backside (although that would have made for an easy couple of miles…).

I’d planned my route in advance, but with the confusion of the mist and the uneven footing, I missed a turning and carried on through the woods for longer than I needed too. Eventually I found the road, and the last uphill mile, which didn’t feel as bad as expected.

I did 4.4 miles in total, which is what passes for a ‘long run’ round here this week. I ran for four minutes, walked for one, which is a nicely manageable rhythm for me right now, and easy to keep track of.

That’s two whole weeks of my training plan I’ve stuck to now! I don’t think I’ve ever managed that much before.

What’s changed? Nothing really, except I’ve made a decision that running is a priority now, and that’s what gets me out of bed when it’s cold outside. I want to be fit and strong and capable, and that desire outweighs the desire to stay cosy in bed. Well, it has done for a fortnight – I’m not classing this as a major life change just yet…

Do you run? How do you make yourself get out of bed? If not, what do you want enough that you’ll ignore temporary discomfort for?

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2 Responses to woodland running

  1. I’m full of admiration! So far (and this is after 62 years), my ‘getting out of bed for’ answer would be ‘coffee’ and I’m still pondering about the ‘temporary discomfort’ question. Probably dieting would be the answer for that – oh dear! Anyway, good luck with the running, and I will definitely be walking more in bad weather this winter and following your running with interest (i.e. thinking “at least I’m not running!”). I think this will be inspirational for me!

  2. Thanks Barbara! Walking more is always good I reckon and if you can keep it going through the bad weather, well, as far as I’m concerned you’re inspirational too!

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