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heavy duty pottering

I spent a lot of time in the garden over the weekend. I’d like to say I’ve been doing a little light pottering, but my aching arms and shoulders tell a different story, one of digging, hauling, shifting stones and … Continue reading

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drying herbs

This is my rosemary bush. It sits in a bright blue planter, attached to a bright blue bench, which is the first thing I see when I leave the house. It’s been there a couple of years now, and started … Continue reading

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buttling ourselves a jolly weekend

buttle [buht-l] verb (transitive) 1. to cheerfully make something come to fruition: to buttle the kettle on Used reflexively to describe cheerful action: we buttled ourselves a day out to the seaside We often talk about ‘buttling’ here, and I … Continue reading

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bunnies in disguise

Oooh, just look at those tasty carrots someone left carelessly lying around! What’s this, sneaking out of the shadows, peskily eying up the veg? Is it a rabbit? Er, nobody’s quite sure. It’s kind of a bit like a rabbit. … Continue reading

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down on the farm

I’ve just realised I’m busy thinking about this weekend (which is *so* close now!) and I’ve entirely forgotten to tell you about last weekend! I’m never going to catch up with myself at this rate! Anyway, last weekend my mother … Continue reading

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just in case…

… you thought I was off doing something Serious or Important. I’m not. (well, only a little bit of work, but that doesn’t really count, does it?)  

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autumn sunshine

Peter took this picture of me yesterday, as we ambled through the park into town. I usually avoid town on a Saturday afternoon (in fact, I usually avoid town altogether if I can), but we had Things To Do yesterday, … Continue reading

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an autumnal bike ride

I’ve not been out on my bike much of late, and a ride organised by two lovely women, and including plenty of flapjack, was just the encouragement I needed. It was also a nice excuse to get out and see … Continue reading

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unplugged sunday

This week has run away with me so much I entirely forgot to tell you about an exciting new adventure for me. I am thrilled, utterly thrilled, to be joining the inspiring team of writers over at unplugged sunday. Pop over … Continue reading

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joyful optimism (and houseplants)

We stayed with a lovely friend in the summer, and her house was filled with plants. It felt alive, almost breathing somehow, and I wanted that for our house too. Wanted plants trailing around the banisters and creeping across bookshelves. … Continue reading

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