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february in the garden

Is it really the last weekend in February already? Gosh! Must be time for an end of the month garden update then. That hanging-out-of-the-bedroom-window picture at the top looks pretty similar to the one I took for January, although the … Continue reading

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bottoms up!

… even if it has been stuck up in the air for the last 2 days while I perform magical trickery to use this lovely pile of willow… … to magically transform the edge of my rather sorry looking garden, … Continue reading

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conscious living in february

Fancy an amble through my first month of my┬áconscious living quest? This month, unintentionally, my focus has mostly been on food. It’s partly because I signed up to an online course about whole foods, so I’ve naturally been thinking more … Continue reading

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chasing my tail

I’ve been trying to get round to post about all kinds of cheery things I’ve been up to, and what with one thing and another (work, cheeriness, and still not feeling right), I’m all behind myself. So I’m declaring a … Continue reading

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mashed potato soap

I’ve been meaning to make some more soap for a while, and after a couple of people mentioned it in response to my face scrub post, I figured I should probably get on with it. I’ve made soap before – … Continue reading

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listening to the whispering voices

There’s been some whispering round here lately that I might have been overdoing it. Some of those whispers have come from my own body, which decided that it Did Not Like travelling all the way to Manchester, then London, then … Continue reading

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a moment of calm in the morning

Have you ever made your own face scrub? It’s very easy, smells gorgeous, and is simple to use (even for someone like me, whose normal ‘beauty regime’, if you could call it that, involves a quick rub with a hot … Continue reading

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january in the garden

One of the main reasons I started blogging 3 years ago was to keep track of what was going on in the garden. I’ve never done that systematically – although you can sneak a peak at some of the things … Continue reading

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on being nosey

I took some pictures of the garden at the weekend to do a kind of ‘end of the month’ thing, and I wanted to show them to you, but it’s taking me forever to get round to uploading them, and … Continue reading

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