disappearing act

IMG_1071 (1024x768)Oops.

After all my ramblings you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d run off to actually be someone else. I just don’t know where the last three weeks have gone!

I usually find a hint while looking through my photographs.

IMG_1083 (1024x768)IMG_1076 (1024x768)Hmm, yes.

So, there’s been a trip to London (for work), trips to lots of other places (for work) and some festive flute choir expeditions. Also some failed soap-making (more on that later), and lopping down of trees in the garden (more on that later too). I spent a weekend at the national permaculture diploma gathering (er, more on that later too). And a bit of time wandering around some fields and some more time knitting.

IMG_1088 (1024x768) IMG_1084 (1024x768)Oh, and Peter bought 67 bananas that were reduced to £1.50 so I’ve spent quite a lot of time eating those.

IMG_1079 (1024x768)This week’s adventure was having the gas supply cut off. Fortunately it was all a misunderstanding and we do not have a gas leak, and everything is switched back on again. Thank goodness.

We do need a new cooker though, and I’m a little bit sad because the old one is quite old and I’ve come to think of her rather fondly. I say ‘her’ because she’s a Flavel ‘Fiona’, and she’s been with Peter for over 25 years (and was well used by someone else before that). It’ll be sad to see her go but she could probably do with a rest now.

IMG_1119 (1024x768)(and yes, I could have tidied up before taking that photo, but then you might not have heard from me for another three weeks)

The reason we had people fiddling with the gas supply in the first place was to have a smart meter fitted. While I know not everyone approves of these, for us it’s a good option. We get a little ‘Pippit’ display which tells us how much gas and electricity we’re using, and we can keep track of how much our bill will be.

IMG_1122 (1024x768)Over the years, several plumbers have told us we need a new boiler. We much prefer to repair things where we can, and fortunately have found a cheery plumber who is willing to keep our boiler going as long as he can (it’s pretty much as old as me). I confess I don’t trust people who just take one look at the outside and say ‘that’s ancient love, you might as well get a new one’.

Ours isn’t the most efficient boiler, and we’d likely save a few quid on our monthly bill if we replaced it, but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it until it’s necessary.

For now, it still works. Which is fortunate because things have turned rather chilly out there.

Wrap up warm folks!

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6 Responses to disappearing act

  1. Lorraine says:

    I’m sure you could arrange all those bananas into a Christmas tree.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Now that your gas is restored and while you still have your beloved Fiona you could turn some of those bananas into a cake or two 🙂 I’ve recently been bemoaning the loss of the eye-level grill … it’s so much easier to grill cheese on toast when you don’t have to bend to see what you are doing! Lovely post – thanks for sharing.

  3. I too love an eye level grill! We’ll definitely be looking for another one. Bananas have all been dispatched to the freezer and are slowly being used in breakfast porridge – mmmmmmm

  4. That looks lovely cake! Glad you are back. Good idea to keep your boiler going, we once had one replaced in a house we were renting, it was so bad!

  5. rlbwilson says:

    … mostly eating cake …

  6. Florence Martin says:

    My Flavel Fiona is also 25 years old. One knob has come off. Could you sell me the knobs when you are laying her to rest? I’m sure she’s signed a donor card. Thank you.

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