picture amnesty

sharrowvale market (800x600)Every now and again I find myself with a whole pile of photographs that I’ve meant to post and not got round to.

IMG_4717 (800x600)Rather than chasing my tail and trying to find time to tell you all about them, I’m just going to post them all and move on.

living room sunshine (800x600)They’re mostly of cake anyway. I’m sure you’ll understand.

cake at Rachel's (800x600) IMG_4704 (800x600) reading in the garden (800x600)Crocodile card

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2 Responses to picture amnesty

  1. linz says:

    I am intrigued by the last photo… 🙂

    • A birthday card for my youngest nephew! I saw a similar one in a shop for about £3 and though ”I could make that!’ At first I thought I’d do a potato print (I love potato prints) but didn’t have a long enough potato… so I ended up just drawing a crocodile and colouring it in with ancient green poster paint. I’m quite taken with him actually 🙂

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