working at home

I love my job, I really do.

One of the things that I love most is that I get to work at home several days a week, hiding away up in my cosy little attic, surrounded by bunting and cheery things.

On Friday I did working-at-home-on-tour (which is just another way of saying I went to someone else’s house, and we worked there instead of in the office, which is a very long way away, or at least feels like it is).

I think we managed just about the right balance of work and tea, what do you reckon? I’m at my own house today, which means slightly more tea, and slightly less cake.

Oooh, and do you see that chocolate chicken in the picture above? How utterly jolly is that? It was made by my lovely office mate, on a ‘chocolate experience’ day here, which is really not too far away from where I live.

I’m thinking I might need a chocolate experience day of my own very soon…

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3 Responses to working at home

  1. Auntie Lou says:

    How I do envy you working from home! Glad you have such a lovely time doing it!

  2. Just popping by after reading your comments on “Down to Earth” …. am off to look at your earlier blog.

    Will drop by again to “visit” soon – lovely blog.

  3. Thank you dancing on a blade of grass (what a beautiful name!). Do pop by again soon, it’s lovely to have visitors!

    And hello to Auntie Lou! Yes I love working at home (although it’s a bit difficult to actually make yourself *work* at times…)

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