no money for ice cream

14 miles (800x600)Here I am again, waiting for my gps watch to charge before a long run. Yet again, I plugged it in overnight, and yet again it discharged all its power.

You’d think I’d learn.

I should probably go back to bed, but instead I’m sorting through my photos from last week’s run.

14 miles 2 (800x600) 14 miles 3 (800x600)Fourteen hilly miles, and I grumped my way round pretty much all of them, especially when I reached the top of Cliffe Hill and realised I had no money for ice cream.

14 miles 6 (800x600)I can’t say I enjoyed myself, although the scenery was nice. Long runs I can do, hills I can do, but both together means too much walking for me. Still, it felt empowering to get so far away from home just using my legs.

14 miles 5 (800x600)Today I’ve planned 20 miles. Flatter than last week, at least. I wanted an early start, but a late night, a fox barking right outside my window at 4am, and my watch battery have foiled that plan. I’m tired, I ache, and quite frankly I’d rather be at work.

But I have to face the reality. This is probably how I’m going to feel on race day, so a bit of practice is no bad thing.

14 miles 4 (800x600)

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