Ringinglow 1Well, hat a lovely response to my last (slightly moany) post! Thank you all for sharing about your own experiences. This is something I’ll probably come back to in the future as I gradually get a bit of a grip.

In the meantime though, let’s get back outside in the sunshine.

Ringinglow 4These are pictures from a run I did in March, which I’ve been meaning to put up since I came back from holidays.

It was the last run before I did the Liverpool half marathon, and I wanted to go somewhere flat, but a bit more interesting than the local canal.

Ringinglow 3This is a byway which runs along the top of the moors – gorgeous views, but very exposed, and so very windy.

And it’s designated as a ‘byway open to all traffic’ – meaning not only was I cowering from the wind, but also dodging motorbikes and four wheel drives (admittedly going very slowly). So not exactly the peaceful, gentle run I’d planned.

Ringinglow 5The clouds descended after a while, and I confess I rather lost enthusiasm for the whole idea.

Ringinglow 7I carried on for a while, but instead of doing the large loop I’d planned, I turned around and ran back along this same stretch.

Ringinglow 6The view in this direction was altogether more sunny.

I only did four miles in the end, and so slowly it was like I’d been blown backwards for half of it (hmmm…). Not the best preparation for a half marathon!

But it certainly blew the cobwebs away. I never tire of these views over the city, and am always thankful that I live close enough for a little trip out like this.

Ringinglow 9

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