walking round the city (1)

IMG_0782 (1024x768)Today we went for a walk.

IMG_0783 (1024x768)Along the deeply eroded path through the heather, and up on to the top of the rocks.

IMG_0792 (1024x768)I love this place. It’s close to the city, and so windswept, and you can see ever such a long way.

IMG_0796 (1024x768)There’s no chance of solitude here – not on a sunny Saturday in early autumn. We were surrounded by walkers, dogs, cyclists, climbers and even paragliders today, but it felt companionable, a happy place.

IMG_0803 (1024x768) I was quite taken with the paragliders, lying in what looked like sleeping bags, floating gently over the hills. They looked so peaceful up there (even if they did get so close at times we could have handed them a cuppa).

IMG_0804 (1024x768)I love the way the rocks have fallen over the years.

IMG_0812 (1024x768)I felt like I was getting a glimpse into another world.

IMG_0817 (1024x768)This walk was part of the Sheffield Country Walk, which runs for a very specific 53.5 miles around the edge of the city. I have a not-so-secret plan to walk the whole way round over the next few months. We started here, with Section 3, because it was closest to home, and I can’t decide whether to do the rest of the sections in order, or pick and choose on a whim.

I confess it was Very Nice Indeed to stomp about without worrying about saving my legs for a long run…

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2 Responses to walking round the city (1)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Lovely post, beautiful photos – all bringing back happy memories of when we lived on the other side of the Peaks and enjoyed hill walking in the Park. It’s a great place for seeing paragliders swooping about 🙂

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