glorious mud

Hmm. Doesn’t look very appealing out there, does it?

This was my view on Saturday night, as I lay in bed in the back of the car in a field in Shropshire, listening to the rain, wondering just how muddy it would be on Sunday morning, when my sister and I were meant to be doing an off road half marathon…

Still, it was plenty cosy inside the car.

Got to have a patchwork quilt, crocheted blanket and Peedie 2 when you’re off on an adventure.

And eventually the rain did stop, and I was rather taken with having a bank of poppies at the end of my bed.

Sunday morning dawned dry and quite bright, and eventually we got on our way.

There were lots of hills. Big hills. And mud.

Rather a lot of mud (mixed with cow poo).

Still, we battled on, giggling merrily away, and eventually the sun came out, and we almost forgot we’d already gone 11 miles and still weren’t at the end.

Of course, by the time we did get to the end, the winners were long gone, so we sneaked onto the podium (with lots of people laughing) to pose.

I’m not sure my poor old socks will ever be the same again.

We came last, of course, and possibly set a new record for the World’s Slowest Half Marathon in the process (nearly 5 hours!). One man, overtaking us (there was a full marathon on at the same time) asked if we’d started late… I’m afraid we didn’t take the whole thing very seriously. At one point we resorted to carrying large sticks to help us down the steep muddy hills.

But we had a great time (and in fairness, plenty of other people took a long time too, it was so muddy). And really, who says you’re meant to be serious about running anyway??

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5 Responses to glorious mud

  1. Gill says:

    Such cheeriness, with the poppies and what I presume is a hand made quilt? The World’s slowest half marathon is quite acceptable in the circumstances.

  2. Tis indeed a hand made quilt Gill! Made by my lovely and very talented Auntie Lou, who is slowly but surely furnishing the entire family with her glorious creations. This is possibly the most well travelled so far (and probably the most grubby, oh dear!). It usually lives on the spare bed in the attic where I work, where it brightens the place up considerably, but it’s so cheery I can’t resist taking it out for picnics or adventures sometimes! I hope it doesn’t mind a tiny bit of mud and food… (I think it adds to the patchwork-y-ness of it myself)

    • Auntie Lou says:

      Thank you for calling me talented!!! I am glad your quilt is being used and loved – that is exactly what it was made for! Your ‘race’looked like fun (from a spectators point of view!) so well done both of you xx

  3. John says:

    Looks like you had a great time!

  4. Helena Romanowska says:

    Total madness! I love it!!!!

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