august days (2)

Ah, August. You’re flying by so quickly. This is the second of my weekly posts about my days. You can find the first here.

Friday 9th

A lie in! I had tea at a friend’s, and then other friends had tea at my house. I was thrilled they took my rocking chair – it looks beautiful but the rocking motion never felt right to me, but they love it. In the afternoon I bought gold paint and put the first coat on the bedroom radiator – it feels good to do small jobs sometimes.  IMG_1506 In the evening we walked to a party. We’d normally drive, but it was lovely to walk in the moonlight.

Saturday 10th

I spent much of Saturday making Peter’s birthday hat. A friend described me as ‘milliner to rock stars’. Mixed up inches and centimetres, and sliced through my tape measure (exhibiting my lack of professional millinery skills). But I was finished by 7pm so none of my usual late-night-crafting fiascos. Bought ingredients for making soap, and painted the second coat on radiator.

Sunday 11th

We had lunch at the city farm, and then went to see the new Alan Partridge film at the local independent cinema.

IMG_1518I’m not normally a big fan of the cinema, especially not on a sunny summer afternoon, but you don’t quibble about someone else’s birthday treat. We sat right at the front, and pretended we were the only people in there, and had a great time. Maybe I’ve just been watching the wrong films.

IMG_1520I slept for nearly two hours when we got home. In the evening, I started the long process of turning my old blog into a book.

Monday 12th

Worked at home, after wading through the post-crafting mess I left behind on Saturday. Made the final edits to a summary of our last project which will go to the printers this week. More work on the blog book in the evening. Discovered drainpipe has been leaking into cellar.

Tuesday 13th

Got up early enough to walk to the station again, but I was so tired. At lunchtime I chatted to an older colleague about her life. There are so many interesting people around us, and I don’t always make the time to talk to them. I made a stupid pact with my sister which may result in another marathon if I’m not careful. Realised I’ll have to cycle to a friend’s wedding at the weekend – initially daunted but I’ve been meaning to cycle more for months and this is a nice excuse. I came home to find a mini steamroller parked outside my house. Is it wrong that I was quite excited about this? I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t pose on it for a photograph.

Wednesday 14th

Worked at home again, and I had breakfast in the garden for the first time in ages.

IMG_1524In the evening I painted the bedroom door frame gold. I’m rather pleased with our new gilded bedroom. More blog book editing in the evening, and then I struggled to get to sleep, which is unlike me.

Thursday 15th

Walked to the station, tired again. I tried to work methodically, but my attention kept being drawn away. Had a square of the Orkney fudge I brought back for the communal biscuit tin, and spent the rest of the day dreaming about holidays. In the evening I tried to make soap, but I’d bought ‘drain cleaner’ instead of caustic soda so it didn’t work. I’d planned to attack the unruly willow but after soap experimenting it was dark. Gave up and did more editing of blog book.

IMG_1525I should confess, when I thought of this little project, I imagined I’d write something interesting. I don’t know why. I’ve found myself just giving a summary of the day’s activities, which is, I imagine, interesting to nobody other than me. But as I’ve been reading through my old blog, I’ve really enjoyed remembering what I was doing all those years ago, so I’m going to continue this for August at least.

Do feel free to join in! What have you been up to this week?

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2 Responses to august days (2)

  1. TDQ Karen says:

    We have been gutting our living room ready for plastering and redecoration but had a leak from an upstairs pipe into the other sitting room! So we have lots of unwanted water too!

  2. Brenda says:

    I have just spent a lovely two weeks with my son and his family in Houston, Texas. It’s hard to leave my grandchildren, but tomorrow I will fly back home to Akron, Ohio. I had forgotten how tiring a two year old and a newborn can be! On Wednesday, you will find me reclined on the sofa and watching my favorite soap opera which I have been recording. (all the while missing the little ones)

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