did i mention how much i love running?

11 miles 1Did I mention how much I love running right now?

Oh, I did?

More than once?


Actually, I’m not sorry at all. I’m going to say it again. I love running.

I love my running shoes being covered in mud. I love finding half a packet of fruit pastilles in my pocket and saving them for the next run. I already told you how much I love looking at how far and how fast I went.

I love it that running takes me to parts of the city I wouldn’t otherwise go to.

11 miles 2On Saturday I went down the hill to the park, and got mixed up in the tail end of the local parkrun. I bumped into a man I used to run with at the back when I first started doing it, and we walked for a while, talking about what we’d been doing.

He turned off towards the finish, and I carried on up the valley, running alongside the river. There were a few runners out, and a few dog walkers, but it was quiet. It was cold, and windy, but the sun shone and it was sheltered in the woods.

11 miles 311 miles 4I went uphill for a long time. I went slowly, and walked a lot. This was a long run – more about ‘time on feet’ than pace. Eventually I emerged from the wooded valley and could look back over the city.

11 miles 5I’d forgotten about this little post. It points to various local landmarks, and tells you how far away they are. You can just about see my house in the distance.

11 miles 7It also points to some not-so-local places….

11 miles 8I love this road. It’s quite flat, with farmland to the left, the city to the right, and an expansive sky.

11 miles 10It’s also quite exposed up there, and rather windy.

11 miles 9I’d climbed about 800 feet, and this was the high point of the run, so I was taking advantage of it being relatively flat. Until I spotted the clouds building up behind me, and decided I’d best pull my finger out and head for home.

11 miles 11I covered 10.5 miles that morning. I love it that my legs will carry me that far.

This week the mileage takes a step back, to allow me to recover a little. I’ll run five times, instead of three, but they’ll all be short and relatively easy. Next week I’ll need another long route – I wonder where I’ll end up this time?

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2 Responses to did i mention how much i love running?

  1. Sam says:

    Lovely pictures

  2. essexhebridean says:

    Your enthusiasm for this just bubbles over – and when I look at the pictures I can well understand why! Such fantastic views!

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