spring sunshine

Sunshine in the living roomWe’ve had some glorious sunshine this week. Today I sneaked outside and ate my lunch in the garden for the first time since September. I felt like a cat, stretched out and snoozing in the sunshine. How I dragged myself back inside to carry on working I’ll never know.

Things are starting to happen in the garden now. There was a bit of tidying to do after the winter.

Gardening at the start of springI spent a couple of hours pottering at the weekend, digging home made compost into the beds, watering everything in the greenhouses, and generally sprucing the place up.

Autumn veg growingI was surprised at how many seedlings have made it through the winter – usually I can barely keep things alive for a week or two but these have been going for nearly five months! It’s been a mild winter, and the slugs haven’t been active, but I’m hoping this is the start of good things to come.

Flowers growingOf course, nothing is perfect, and there have been some casualties.

garden failClearly there’s a leak in the greenhouse somewhere…

But on the whole things are looking good out there.

Spring sunshineI harvested some cabbage and kale today – the first of this year. It’s put on a bit of a growth spurt these last few weeks, and is just about big enough for me to be happy ripping bits off. It made some very tasty fried rice, and I’ve added the total to my garden tally page.

RadishHow’s your garden looking? Are you having an early spring growth surge too?


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1 Response to spring sunshine

  1. Lorraine says:

    Your garden’s looking good. No idea what’s going on in mine yet (although I think I can see buds on the blueberry bush out of the window) but I have had two picnics on the beach this week so it must be spring!

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