something and nothing

tulips at the libraryI spied these fabulous red tulips outside the local library last weekend – aren’t they gorgeous? Such a deep red.

Things are buttling on nicely here. Life is a whirlwind of pottering (if pottering can ever be a whirlwind). I’ve spent a few hours here and there in the garden and I think we’ve now got enough containers to grow everything we need.

plantersA hotch-potch mix, of course, but that’s just the way I like it.

Lots of things are sprouting out there now. Kale, sprouts, squash, cucumbers… I was a bit concerned I’d planted everything too late, but we’ve had a lot of sunshine recently and it all seems to be catching up with itself.

GardenThe mini garlic forest is looking good, and I’m very excited about having a whole crop of something for once. If I’ve planned right we should have a whole years worth of garlic from this tiny little space!

garden 2The other beds are ready – one for patty pan squash and the other for a mix of kale and sprouts. I did plant some seeds directly but they didn’t even appear – I suspect our local slug population which seems to have an alarming lack of foresight (if you let it grow, there will be more to eat later…).

blossom I’ve been wearing my pedometer lately too, and trying to get out and about walking more often. Now the mornings are lighter, it’s nice to walk to the train station through this park with its blossom and ducks.

And last week, in a different park, we spied a heron. I’ve never seen one this close, stalking about in a pond, completely oblivious to all the attention it was getting.

HeronI was cursing myself for not reading my camera manual properly – I just couldn’t get it to take the picture I wanted!

Today I feel like I jumped out of bed an hour before I should have done – do you ever have those days? Where you can’t quite get going, and have a sneaking suspicion that you might be better going back to bed and starting again? I’m not going to now, but I’m also not expecting to get anything too productive done.

Mind you, I’ve got a triathlon to prepare for, so I’d best get a move on. There’s the car to turn into an exotic camper van, of course. And a bike to check, a triathlon suit to try on (I hope it hasn’t shrunk or disintegrated in the 7 years since I last wore it!), and a picnic to make.

But right now I think another cup of tea and a little lounge on the sofa for a while longer…

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2 Responses to something and nothing

  1. Mum says:

    Your garden is looking really good, I especially like the new tubs. Iwouldn’t mind one like the wooden one myself. When is your triathlon? x

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