a mini adventure

IMG_4508 (800x600)This was an adventure I didn’t even realise I was going to have. An invitation to L’Eroica Britannia, and I confess I very nearly said no because I’d never heard of it and wanted to tidy up in the garden.

IMG_4509 (800x600)But I don’t often pass up the chance to go to one of Peter’s gigs, and this was in Bakewell on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and I figured if nothing else I’d get an ice cream out of it.

IMG_4513 (800x600) Well, I did get an ice cream, and a deck chair, and an afternoon of old bicycles, fabulous frocks, 1950s hairdressers, gin and fabulous moustaches.

IMG_4506 (800x600) - Copy (800x600) IMG_4510 (800x600)Such fun.

IMG_4514 - Copy (800x600)I even got to lounge in a deckchair in my summery skirt and watch the band, sandals cast off and basking in the sunshine.

IMG_4525 - Copy (800x600)Kind of made up for spending the next day off work sick with a stomach bug really…

(Don’t worry, I’m fine now!)


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