toasty toes

I’ve been hopping and skipping with excitement every time I’ve looked down at my feet for the past few days.

Yes, I finally finished knitting my socks. Aren’t they fab?

There’s a few more holes than there should be, and one of them is ever-so-slightly longer in the foot than the other, but they’re stripey, and toasty warm, and Extremely Cheerful, so I think we can forgive them a little bit of wonkiness, don’t you?

And I’m utterly impressed by the fact that they change colour when you wear them with different coloured tights.

(well, I know they don’t really change colour – but you’ve got to agree they look more purple in the first picture, and more red in the second, right??)


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5 Responses to toasty toes

  1. Auntie Lou says:

    Fab socks!!! Socks are next on my list of New Things To Learn How To Make! Not convinced I can manage more than 2 needles though! Love the stripiness of the wool – variegated or did you do something clever with lots of different colours? x

  2. They do actually change colour! Amazing! 😀

  3. Mona says:

    I like your socks too and I congratulate you on making them : )

    found you on umberdove’s blog and decided to look you up, hope you don’t mind

  4. Don’t mind at all Mona, lovely to see you here, make yourself at home! 🙂

    Didn’t do anything fancy with the wool – it just knits like that, very exciting!

    Knitting with 4 needles isn’t too bad, this is only the second thing I’ve ever done! Happy to bring my sock pattern and needles to you… There’s also some fab 2 needle sock patterns out there I believe 🙂

  5. Mum says:

    I love your socks too and I agree, they do change colour. Maybe the sock knitting fairy might make me some for my birthday or christmas! Mind you, that might step on the toes of the rug making fairy and we wouldn’t want a row now would we 🙂

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