sun-shining days

It’s been glorious weather here this last week, much more like what I’d expect in July. Rich blue skies, little fluffy clouds, ice creams, and soaking up the warmth in the garden.

On Friday night I collected a friend and went to the local outdoor swimming pool.


I’ve only ever been there three times I think – quite scandalous since it’s probably quicker to get there than the city pool (although it’s slightly further away). It’s got to be the only local pool with a bandstand anyway, and a view of the hills and the sky.

I even managed a bit of swimming too – quite unusual for me. I’m rather given to wailing ‘I can’t swim!’ at every opportunity (which does beg the question of why I’ve signed up to my second triathlon in 7 weeks. Hmm).

Anyway, it was a gorgeous evening (although rather nippy by the time we got out), and I’m quite inspired to go back every week.

Yesterday was pretty jolly too. My mum visited, and we went to the Women’s Institute for breakfast (of course), which was rather colourful.

Then we trotted round to the community garden to pick some fruit (and rescue a rather fat wood pigeon which had somehow got inside the bird netting over the raspberries. It didn’t look too distressed, and in fact looked rather annoyed that its feast had come to an end).

Freshly picked raspberries and WI-made lemon drizzle cake (and tea, of course) in the garden – not a bad way to finish off a Saturday afternoon.

The sun’s disappeared again this morning, and we’ve spent the morning inside, drinking tea and talking to a friend who stayed last night. I’m about to lace up my shoes and go for a ten mile run. I may be some time…

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